O’Connell Finishes 3rd at Jack-in-the-Box Summer Shootout



Devin finished third in the Legends Semi-pro points standings at his first appearance in the Jack-In-the-Box Summer Shootout.  Devin found his way to victory lane 2 times and had 7 top five finishes including three 2nd place efforts.  His initial success had him in the points lead heading into the final race of the series, but the championship was to be denied.  On the first lap of the final feature, Devin was hit resulting in a flat right front tire.  The repair time in the pits put Devin a few laps down and resulted in a 15th place finish.  “I can’t be too disappointed.  The experience was amazing and exceeded my expectations. Thanks to my family, especially my Dad for his support, Thanks to CJ D”Addario and the entire crew of 860 Motorsports and thanks to my sponsor – The Chatham Highlander Motel.”  Devin plans on returning to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the 2015 Summer Shootout.

Round 1, June 9 – 5th

Round 2, June 10 – 10th

Round 3, June 17 – 1st

Round 4, June 24 – 2nd

Round 5, July 1 – 4th

Round 6, July 8 – 2nd

Round 7, July 15 – 17th

Round 8, July 22, 2nd

Round 9, July 28 – 1st

Round 10, July 29 – 15th