Champion Challenge


Champion Challenge

Devin has lived the life of many youth who struggle to find their place in the world. Diagnosed at the age of nine with Asperger Syndrome, a form of high functioning Autism, Devin struggled socially, had difficulty making friends, and encountered bullying at a young age. Fortunately, Devin followed his passion of becoming a race car driver. He began racing go-karts at the age of nine. The environment at the track proved to be a great place fro Devin to  socialize with other kids who also loved to talk exclusively about racing and cars. Devin wants to use what he has learned to inspire and give hope to others. He has used his gift of public speaking to talk to schools and other groups about having Asperger Syndrome and how he has managed to turn his disability into a different type of ability.

Polson Speech 1

How the Champion Challenge Works

  • Devin speaks to your youth group or school on topics including:
    • Devin’s personal story
    • Overcoming personal challenges in today’s world
    • Dyslexia, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, ADD, ADHD
    • Self esteem, Anti bullying, inclusion, Buddy System
    • 5 Steps to become a CHAMPION
      • Find your passion, knowledge is power
      • Mentoring
      • Leadership
      • Inclusion
      • Respect
  • Become the change you want to see
  • Kids submit their personal story of inspiration, overcoming obstacles, assisting others, or how they changed the life of someone else.
  • Entrants will win partner swag and a Super Hero will be selected to be an honorary crew member with Devin O’Connell at an actual race with team shirt, hat, and partner swag with all expenses paid.