Devin O’Connell 2014 Allison Legacy Series Champion



Posted on the Allison Legacy Series Website, November 2014

Devin O’Connell has won the 2014 Allison Legacy Series Championship .  He won ten races and finished in the top five in all of the sixteen races run this year.  His final points were 1619 points, 264 over second place.  This was his third year in the Touring Series and before that he ran in the New England region of Legacy racing.  In 2012, O’Connell had an average finish of fifth place and finished fifth in points.   For 2013 he finished second in points and his best finishes were second place four times.   He won his first race, the Allison Legacy Challenge, at the last race at Florence Speedway in 2013.  That was a race for all non-winners where he took the checkers and continued his wins in 2014.  At the 2013 series [banquet], Devin won the “Most Improved Driver” and his team got the “Sportsmanship” award .  Now a graduate of the Allison Legacy Series , he is ready to move on in his career .  O’Connell lives in Madison, Connecticut.  It was a pleasure to have him in this series, he is a respectful young man and has become  a fierce race car driver who  will make any sponsor proud………………